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I Am The Astronaut; Not A Broken Mistake

Melissa uses artful description to indicate her thoughts on which Headmate is the original real one. Melissa has Dissociative Identity Disorder, though, how many alters does she have? The Bag System

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I'm Melissa, and we are The Bag System. We have Dissociative Identity Disorder. If you give us a listen, and you want to find out more, you can find us over at

DID Equates to Psychopathy? - Protection of a Persecutor Alter

While a misconception equates Dissociative Identity Disorder with Psychopathy, this is damagingly inacurate. Melissa speaks on her perspective of how this perception may have come to be, while also accounting for validating any show of aggression that may exist with a persecutor alter.

Mark Of Exclamation - Down The Dissociation Highway

Melissa speaks with Tonya and Jaime about a confusing trip to New Jersey; prior to the Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosis. What happened during that weekend, and what did everyone think was going on? Extreme happiness, euphoria, and a sudden high IQ are looked back on; finally, with answers.

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He Suspected Our DID - Interview With Brother Chriss

Melissa speaks with little brother, Chriss. A revealing conversation starts off with a few surprises. How much were others aware of our Dissociative Identity Disorder before we were? What is hiding in those mysterious memory gaps? Chriss has some answers.

Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Those seeking answers will hear some less known signs and symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder, with an overview of treatment options. Melissa offers her own experiences with her Headmates in The Bag System as examples behind this psychology.

Accessing Our Inner World, Communicating & Hugging a Headmate

Melissa reaches out to The Bag System and receives cold silence, while other times, feels carried away in a storm of overwhelming dissociative conversations. Discover The Bag System’s inner world and the revealing complexities that it raises. Listen to audio clips of Headmates interacting. The intricacies of this Dissociative Identity disorder system are reaching out to each other; finding a way to lovingly wrap arms around a young Headmate.

When I am We, or They are Them - We Bend, but We Mend

A relatable explanation on the reasons for variances in when someone with alternate identities refers to themselves in a combination of I, We, They, or Us. Melissa's journey of intense realizations in this episode come to an emotional conclusion in waves of reflection, fear, then comforting hope.

Peer Support From a Multiple – With Jade Miller

Join The Bag System as Jade Miller demonstrates what a Peer Support session can look like. As a warning, we discuss concepts related to when someone might feel like taking their own life. Find us over at and find Jade at 

Horribly Fantastic Middle Ground – A Fiction DID story

Is Dissociative Identity Disorder one of the worst things that can happen to someone? Or is it a fantastic power? In this episode, Melissa gives her perspective, then tells a story that she wrote to solidify the example.


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